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Maker, Anyone, of any age who wants to be connected with other Makers/Engineers and discuss “all things engineering.” Makers can...

  • Add a project
  • Request feedback
  • Comment on other projects or ask other makers questions
  • Answer questions about their project
  • Get ideas from other makers
  • Learn a new skill
  • Connect with Cornell Experts/Project Advisors

Mentee, A Mentee is someone who acknowledges his or her need for information on a particular subject and then actively seeks it out. Mentees are makers who also have a CollabSpace mentor.

Cornell Mentor, Someone who is willing to mentor young makers, high school students, current engineering undergraduates and graduate students. Cornell Mentors are makers who also provide guidance on projects, the fields of engineering, future career aspirations, etc.

Cornell Experts/Advisors, Person who will post on project ideas, and answer questions, is willing to moderate the comments and discussions. Cornell Experts/Advisors are makers who may also...

Parents, Teachers, School Teams Groups (i.e. Robotics clubs), Maker Space Leaders, A Maker who may also…


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