CollabSpace is a place for people who like to make things.
CollabSpace is a place for people who like to make things.

Show the world a project you just started or finished.

Show off your projects and get props from other makers. Not finished yet? That’s OK. Show your work-in-progress or post about a project that turned into an awesome (or not so awesome) malfunction. You might just inspire another maker’s next project.

Get ideas from other makers.

Browse through projects or works-in-progress from other makers. Comment on projects or ask questions about them. Sort by difficulty or category to find a project that’s right for you.

Learn a new maker skill.

CollabSpace has partnered with Instructables to help teach you some of the essential skills it takes to be a maker. You can also learn skills from Cornell professors and students.

Connect with a Cornell Engineering professor, student or alum.

Not sure where to go next with your project? Get advice from a Cornell engineer. Want to know more about what it’s like to study a specific engineering topic or work in a certain engineering field? CollabSpace will help find someone who can tell you.

Powered by Cornell Engineering.

CollabSpace is built and maintained by the Cornell University College of Engineering and is a free resource for people of all ages, but is mainly aimed at high school students and educators. Not every student has access to after-school clubs, friends who like making or mentors. CollabSpace is here to build a community that encourages STEM education through making and inspires an academic and professional future in the STEM field.

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Cornell professors mentor student.
Cornell professor mentors student.


Learn from the Best

CollabSpace Cornell Experts are here to help mentor you with your project and answer questions about the world of engineering.

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