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Biochemistry wet lab
Electrical and computer engineering hardware lab

The Challenge

The Cornell University Genetically Engineered Machines (CU GEM) team is an international award-winning biology-inspired project team based in Cornell University.

Members of the team: Saie Ganoo, Grace Chuang, Yi Fan Chen, Casey Zhang, Gargi Ratnaparkhi, George Danias, Jonlin Chen, Kevin Hui, Michelle Zhang, Neema Patel, Neil Chitrao, Reed Geisler, Rishabh Singh, Sachiye Koide, Saie Ganoo, Tara Chari, Yi Fan Chen, Sarah Ditton, Swathi Chakrapani, Amanda OngConnie Li, Tennyson T Bardwell, Cristina Zhao, Monica Ong, Emily Lang, Greg Albano, Taylor Song, Stephanie Yiu, Rohit Bandaru, Carol Hung, Fion Chu, Jeremy Fidock, Neil Shah, Maia Mirchandani, George Danias, Sneha Kabaria