Basic LEGO Case For Raspberry Pi Zero W

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LEGO Bricks & Pi Zero

Two 6X10 LEGO Plate/Element ID: 4211405 Design ID: 3033
Four 1X1 Brick/Element ID: 4211389 Design ID: 3005
One Raspberry Pi Zero W
Rotary cutting tool
Safety glasses
Skills Overview


Steady hand.

The Challenge

Build a small form Raspberry Pi Zero case that would fit inside LEGO projects or use the bricks to accommodate the Pi for small electronic prototyping.

Thank you for creating this project, andystechgarage. Let me know if you need help promoting it.


Thanks for the positive reaction! Kids often want to add "life" to their creations via servos or LEDs but the options on the market are very expensive. The Pi Zero, offers unlimited potential but a few bricks had to be sacrificed.

We wanted to add the video clips but don't know how so here are the links from our instagram account.
Cutting the small bricks 
Cutting the plate 
Removing the pins off the plate 
Final assembly 

The first build that will benefit from this is going to be Eva's LEGO Heartlake Hospital. Long term, we hope to built a tiny LEGO laptop and add this to some of our Technic creations, like this one...
Mindstorms EV3/LEGO TECHNIC Race Car 42041by AndysTechGarage Music by Lindsey Stirling & Raja Kumari

For the cutting tool, we don't have one so we borrowed a basic $20.00 unit from a friend.

Hope this helps!

Keep on Making!

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Thanks for sharing the videos! We can embed Youtube videos to your project, but unfortunately not Instagram videos. Hopefully that's something we can add in the future.

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Great point about how kids want to add life to their projects inexpensively!  This is a great idea to allow makers to do this; I love all of the potential that pis offer.  This is a great example of that. :)