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Let's hear it for International Women in Engineering Day!

Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 4:00pm


At Cornell Engineering, we encourage our students to break the rules and break barriers in science and engineering every day.  As an institution, we have broken remarkable barriers as well.  Proudly, the young women of the Class of 2022 have set a new record of having the highest female enrollment in our College of Engineering: 53%!  On June 23, due to this feat, Cornell Engineering wanted to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day with all of you, and we took to social media to hear your thoughts about it. 

Sarah Shepis, a Cornell Engineering student, told us, “Being a woman in engineering is a uniquely empowering experience. I am as driven and capable as anyone around me and my identity is not challenged when I find solutions, conquer challenges and pitch ideas all while wearing lip gloss.”

Jessie Liu, another Cornell Engineering student, gave a shout-out to her favorite female professor in the College of Engineering.  “One woman in engineering who inspires me is Eleanor Birrell, who co-teaches CS2110 with Professor David Gries. Out of all the courses I have taken as an engineering student in my 2 years at Cornell, only 2 have been taught by female professors. It is very refreshing to see an inspiring and brilliant woman teach a course of over 600 students, especially in a male-dominated subject. CS2110 also inspired me to minor in CS, with the professors, including Professor Birrell, playing a huge role.

Here at CollabSpace, our mission is to build a community that encourages STEM education through making and inspires an academic and professional future in the STEM field, no matter who you are.  As we work to build a larger and stronger community of makers, it makes us proud to see projects posted by both young men and women on this platform.  Over time, we hope to encourage even more women to post their projects and create connections in this community.  Let  your voice be heard! 

As we usher the next generation of makers, tinkerers, scientists, and engineers into the future, we look forward to helping the new wave of women in STEM find a home in this community to connect with others and develop their skills together.  Please join us in recognizing all of the remarkable women in STEM fields, and congratulations ladies for being in the majority at 53%! 

“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” -Marie Curie