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The information age has created a need for lifelong learning—and rightly so. As we continually move toward an information and service-based economy, we must consciously and continually expand our knowledge as well as discover new ways to find and organize information. In many respects, the mentor–mentee relationship ideally suits the demands of this environment.

The Mentee/Mentor Relationship

But mentors are more than a sophisticated search engine. Because they have experience with the issues that confront us, they can help us analyze the potential outcomes of different options so we can make decisions that best suit our needs. In this respect, they are like good friends who provide support, comfort and assurance as we make difficult decisions and analyze our options in an ever-changing complicated life.

We believe mentors can guide us through the labyrinth of information we confront each day and help us make decisions with a greater degree of comfort and confidence. Mentors can help those who want more consistent, goal-oriented advice. We value mentors because we trust their opinions on the matters at hand, but it doesn’t mean you seek their advice for every aspect of life. 

We do believe that each mentor–mentee relationship is unique and that each participant is motivated by the need to learn or the need to share experience in order to facilitate learning.

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