How do I ask for Help on a Project?

Have a Question? Need Help?

There are many ways to connect to other makers and experts on CollabSpace. Here are just a few:

  • Reach out to another maker through their project's Feedback Loop or through their profile page
  • Ask us directly through our contact form
  • Connect with a Mentor
  • Connect with a Cornell Expert/Project Advisor by clicking the link below and completing a short survey

Guidelines for Project Advisees

The opportunity to talk  with a Project Advisors is a chance to get real-world insight into the way professionals handle the kinds of making challenges you are facing.

You’ll get the most out of your Project Advisor discussion if you come ready to explain:

  • The overall challenge you are trying to solve
  • How you would rate any solution to this challenge
  • Why your idea is a good solution for this challenge
  • And perhaps most of all, the approach you’ve been following to come up with your solution and any design process challenges you’ve faced along the way

Practicing this beforehand with your friends & family can be a great way not only to prepare but might also help you better understand your own project and discover new ideas & questions as well.

Ultimately the Advisors want to help you be a better maker, not just for your current project, but in all of your future projects! Remember, if you’re looking for direct technical support for your specific projects, that is what your Cornell CollabSpace community forums are for!

Regardless of how good of a maker you are, you can always become better, and the Project Advisors are here to help you take the next steps in realizing your potential. So what are you waiting for?! Learn how makers who were once just like you, became the respected professionals they are today, so you can become the innovator of tomorrow’s designs!