Truck Engine Starter Motor Go Cart

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Materials needed As of Now:

Truck engine starter motor (24V)
Metal Pipeing
Pipe Bender
24V batteries
Old chairs
Rubber Wheels (size tbd)
Gears (size tbd)
Skills Overview

Here are some of the skills you'll need to complete this project:

The Challenge

**Above picture is an example from the internet. Mine will appear similar but use different technology****

The goal of this project is to develop a way to create an electric go cart using old 12V motors from truck engines and a large generator one. Therefore, 12V batteries will be used to start and run the motor. Also, the motors will continuously run to propel the go cart as opposed to short startup periods. Most go carts use gas engines, but the challenge of this is to use electric motors, and see if this method yields better results. (faster acceleration, speed, durability, energy usage, cost, maintenance,etc) This project is still in the beginning stages, and I will post more as I learn more.

***below are my pictures***

Thank you for creating this project, alex.mcelroy. Let me know if you need help promoting it.

Tested motors today, turns out they are 12V, so we used a 12V battery instead. We figured out how to test them by using jumper cables to connect the battery to the motor, and then used the metal part of a screw driver to connect the last to parts of the current. The motors worked and we can continue to figure out a way to make a gear system to transfer to the axel of a go cart.


That's a very cool and definitely energy efficient idea--there are a lot of car companies that are trying to reduce waste by switching into electricity-powered systems.  What's the duration that this battery can last on the go cart?  Since it's electricity powered, how is that going to be faster than the gas-powered ones?  

Great idea, I'd love to hear more about it!